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The Fortress

This project was to build a home which in these economic times would be secured yet comfortable should widespread chaos occur.

The home is a replica of a Williamsburg home but has many features which add to the security of the home. The alarm systems with cameras are state of the arts. The basement walls are 12 inches thick concrete with brickwork added to the outside and frame and foam insulation on the inside for a total thickness of 21 inches. The main floor is a like configuration for a total of 17 inches.

Windows in the home are German windows with 15/16 inch thick argon filled glass, tilt and turn, windows with roller shutters that can make the home inside virtually not viewable from the outside. Steel doors and frames with extra secure locksets complete the secure perimeter of the home.

Insulation in the home is state of the art isonene and makes the home heating and cooling minimal.

Williamsburg homes often had the kitchens in a separate building which was not attached to the home. This home has the garage detached but is “attached” by a tunnel from the basement to the garage which houses a 50 KW generator to make the home totally self sufficient. There is a smaller, multi fueled generator for back up in prolonged public utility outages. There is a low voltage system in the home for prolonged outages. A deep drilled well in a manhole in the driveway make the home totally self sufficient.

The gourmet kitchen is state of the art with stainless steel appliances, built in refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, warming drawers and two large islands for serving large groups. The walls and arched ceiling are brick and the floors are a combination of ceramic tile and dark walnut. The abundance of windows and light in the breakfast area of the kitchen with expansive views into the wooded setting makes this kitchen/breakfast area one of the main focuses of the home. The large dining room is built for entertaining large groups.

The basement houses a masonry fireplace complete with a multi-chambered bread oven and “crane” in the fireplace for cooking. There is an approximately 900 square foot vault encased by 12" thick high strength steel reinforced concrete walls and a concrete ceiling above. There is a heavy duty roll up door in the basement rear wall for supply delivery.

The garage has a shielded courtyard with heavy commercial roll up doors and steel doors for four vehicles. It also houses the 50 KW generator in its own concrete enclosure with mechanical louvers and vent fans. Mechanical shops with work benches and storage areas are also housed in the garage. There is a reinforced basement with concrete ceiling in the garage basement for lawn equipment, garden supplies, and combustible material storage.

Inside finishes of the home are simple and elegant with select dark walnut floors, and interior doors. The entry floor is red and white granite with arched ceiling and cut glass entry sidelights. All door locks are solid brass “rim lock” replicas from original molds from the 18th century. Custom cabinets are walnut and either have granite or wood tops.

Bathrooms all have granite or ceramic tile floors. The master shower is a combination of grey granite with red granite bands on walls, floor and ceilings. The master Jacuzzi has granite surrounds and non slip stairs.

The home is built to be a home for the ages and will no doubt be standing long after the contractors and owners are gone, much like the homes from a bygone era. The home looks like a normal home however the security features render it exceptional and yet the inside, the looks, and livable features make the home exceptionally comfortable and “livable”.

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